Announcing our partnership with Margined Protocol

Range partners with Margined Protocol, one of the most innovative DeFi protocols, bringing on-chain perpetuals and vaults to Cosmos.
Range Team
Range Team
December 19, 2023

We’re pleased to announce our long-term security partnership with Margined Protocol, one of the most innovative DeFi protocols, bringing completely on-chain perpetuals to the Cosmos space. The mission of this partnership is to radically improve the security, observability, and risk management of Margined Protocol, leveraging Range’s first-in-class security infrastructure.

The power perpetual platform built by Margined represents a zero-to-one innovation in the Cosmos ecosystem, being the first perpetual product with on-chain price discovery, leveraging Osmosis concentrated liquidity capabilities. Due to its novelty and its focus on safety, Range’s security infrastructure is the perfect complement to make sure that DeFi innovation is coupled with top-tier security for end-users.

During this partnership, the Range team will build customized security monitoring adapted to Margined’s smart contracts, real-time analytics, risk dashboards for Margined traders, and trading simulation tooling. On top of that, the team will support incident response capabilities with native integrations to Range Trail and our newest security product: Range Transaction Security API.

About Margined

Margined Protocol is building DeFi native perpetual products for CosmWasm networks. With their perpetual power product and the soon-to-be-released vaults, they are enabling end users to gain leveraged exposure to crypto assets without needing off-chain components or intervention, helping DeFi become the financial market infrastructure of the future.

About Range

Range builds security infrastructure for sovereign blockchains and rollups, with a focus on the Cosmos ecosystem and bridges such as the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC). Range's product suite encompasses tools for monitoring, threat detection and prevention, analytics, and forensics in order to strengthen the security of the interchain and modular ecosystems.