Range selected for the first Celestia Modular Fellowship

Range co-founder Andres Monteoliva is of Celestia's first Modular Fellowship, aimed at accelerating the transition to modular blockchains.
Range Team
Range Team
December 26, 2023

Celestia has selected Range co-founder Andres Monteoliva as one of 28 individuals and teams in the first cohort of the Modular Fellowship. 

Modular blockchains are a paradigm shift in blockchain architecture, dramatically increasing the potential of the technology. The fellowship is designed to empower top-notch entrepreneurs and technologists to build the future of scalable and sovereign blockchains. 

This fledgling architecture brings its own challenges, and the fellowship is designed to offer resources and support to the 26 participating teams and individuals over a three-month period. 

In the fellowship, Andres will build the first version of a real-time monitoring tool to detect informational and security-relevant events from the Celestia Data Availability layer.

“The talent and potential of these modular builders inspire us. Collectively, they make for a mighty force that accelerates the transition from monolithic to modular blockchains,” wrote Celestia Labs spokesperson Ekram Ahmed in a blog post announcing the cohort.

Range is the security platform for app-specific blockchains and rollups, with a focus on the Cosmos ecosystem and bridges such as the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC). Range's product suite encompasses tools for monitoring, threat detection and prevention, analytics and forensics, in order to strengthen the security of the interchain and modular ecosystems.