Range wins grant to build Cosmos Interchain Security monitoring

The Atom Accelerator DAO selected Range to build tools to improve the observability and security of IBC and Interchain Security. 
Range Team
Range Team
November 22, 2023

Range was selected to build on and improve IBC security. This time, the Atom Accelerator DAO picked Range to build tools that will improve anomaly detection on IBC and Interchain Security. 

Interchain Security (ICS) is a pivotal mechanism for the Cosmos modular blockchain ecosystem. It allows the Cosmos Hub to share its validator set, secured by bonded ATOM, with other consumer chains. The Cosmos validators are effectively loaned out to the consumer chains, helping projects scale their economies securely whilst rewarding ATOM holders for their services. 

This new reality ties together consumer chains in a fundamental way – and creates opportunities for more synergies. The ATOM Economic Zone brings together the consumer chains that use the same validators so that they can enjoy more benefits from ICS, such as reduced interoperability risks and better user experience. 

However, sharing validators is also a systemic security risk. If one falls into an attack, many chains will be affected. Security in the Cosmos ecosystem is lagging behind its capabilities and Range is stepping up to resolve this major technical risk. 

For this reason, Range will build three tools to improve ICS security under the Atom Accelerator DAO grant. 

  1. Real-time dashboards to track IBC and ICS activity, including the capability of setting up security alerts based on thresholds for both modules to detect anomalies. 
  2. Monitoring and alerting capabilities tailored for ICS-specific messages and IBC rate limits, wherever they are present. This would include summary reports based on volumes, channels, or rate limits to be shared on social media so the community is better kept in the loop.
  3. Lists of rulesets to detect and prevent bugs, anomalies, etc., based on previous security audits on ICS.

These three sets of tools will be a major boost to ICS and drive value for ATOM.

Range is the security platform for app-specific blockchains and rollups, with a focus on the Cosmos ecosystem and bridges such as the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC). Range's product suite encompasses tools for monitoring, threat detection and prevention, analytics and forensics, in order to strengthen the security of the interchain and modular ecosystems.